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Dental Scaler Calculus Remover

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Rechargeable Dental Calculus Remover

Can We Brush Our Dental Calculus Away?
Your dentist will tell you that calculus is made of hardened plaque and the cause of nearly all gum diseases. A toothbrush is designed to clean only visible teeth surfaces but not dental calculus. Almost everyone has dental calculus. Scraping is the most effective way to solve it.
Why Do You Need an Dental Calculus Remover?
1. Up to 12,000 vibrations per minute for an outstanding teeth cleaning effect.

2. Effectively remove dental plaque/calculus/tartar/tobacco stains/coffee stains, etc.

3. Keep oral cavity healthy and bring fresh breath everyday.

4. Made of medical alloy steel and food-grade silicone for safe use.

5. Less money and time expenses by comparing with teeth washing in dental clinics.

6. IPX6 waterproof makes rinse convenient
Efficient: High frequency vibration brings excellent tartar and stain removal effect.
Multi-purpose: 3 cleaning heads and 3 modes to solve various problems.
Reliable: stainless steel working tip, waterproof body, safe to use.
Intimate: LED lamp auxiliary lighting, accurate positioning of tartar and tooth stains
Environmental protection: built-in 250 mAh rechargeable battery, durable battery life.
Easy to use: intuitive two-key layout, effectively avoid misoperation.
Comfortable: Lightweight body, silicone handle, comfortable to hold.

How to Use?
1. Press the Power Button to turn on the device. Choose suitable gear by pressing Up and Down buttons.
2. Looking in a mirror, apply the metal head to the treating part. Slightly press to remove any dental plaque or tartar. 
3. The device pauses 1 sec every 30 sec and shuts down automatically after 3 minutes. Gargle with water and clean the device. Repeat previous steps according to your need.
Needle cleaning head:Suitable for removing small calculus
Hook cleaning head:Suitable for removing large calculus
Flat cleaning head:Suitable for removing tooth stains, polishing and brightening
Charging method
1. When the battery is low, the three mode indicators flash green, prompting you to charge the device.

2. Connect the device with a 5V / 1A adapter (not included) with a DC charging cable, and then turn on the power.

3. During the charging process, the three mode indicator lights will flash green, and will turn off automatically when fully charged.

1. The device is used to clean teeth, which cannot replace medical instruments to treat or restore teeth.  

2. Slight gum bleeding when using the device is a normal phenomenon. 

3. Please keep out of reach of children.
Name: Electric tooth cleaner
Battery capacity: 250mAh
Charging method: DC charging
Working voltage: 3.7 ~ 4.2V
Rated current: 130mA max
Waterproof level: IPX6
Storage temperature: -10 ° C-40 ° C
Package Contents
1 * Host
1 * Needle cleaning head
1 * Hook cleaning head
1 * flat cleaning head
1 * DC charging cable
1 * Instruction
ITEM 2:-
  1.Intelligent high frenquency vibration.

  2.Integrated design of the fuselage, more convenient.

  3.5gear intensity adjustment, relaxation and comfort, comfortable and comfortable.
  4.High quality medical grade alloy steel, easy removal of dental calculus, smoke stains, tea stains 

  5.The battery is durable and practical 

  1.Metal head of the tooth cleanser, not replaceable 

  2.Do not place products in direct sunlight, put at -10°-40° indoor environment 

  3.Do not wash or soak the product for a long time 

  4.Products are restricted to adults only. Please keep them properly afer use, avoid children's contact, so that children will not be injured by mistake 

  5.The product contains batteries, Do not place products in a fire or high temperature container to avoid fire or explosion 

  6.In case of product quality promblem, please do not disassemble yourself, please return to original plant for repair 
Usage method :
 The first use, will be recharged for more than 2 hours until completely discharged, reference to charging description. 

 Press the boot button to turn on, adjust the key position through the upper and lower adjustment buttons, and start cleaning the parts that need cleaning. 

 After cleaning the teeth, wash the metal head with flowing clean water, Clean the department to wipe the body of the tooth cleanser

Packing include:


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1:Is the device really effective?
A1:Yes,our Xpreen Dental Calculus Remover Up to 12,000 vibrations per minute for an outstanding teeth cleaning effect.It helps to remove dental calculus/tartar/plaque/teeth stains from teeth surface, between teeth and under gums. Moreover,it whitens your teeth and prevents bad breath ,maintain your teeth and gums healthy during long time using.
Q2:How long does it hold after a full charge?
A2:A full charge supports about 15 days’ use if you use it 3 minutes each time and twice a day.
Q3: Can I use the device with braces?
A3: Yes,this product is suitable for the general peopel as well as that with braces.
Q4: Is it hurt?
A4: Slight gum bleeding when using the device is a normal phenomenon.
Q5: Will it cause infection?
A5: It is suggested not to cross-use the dental calculus remover with others, and the equipment can be disinfected with alcohol before use.
Q6: Will the device whiten my teeth?
A6 :It cannot whiten your teeth dramatically, but reveal the natural color of your teeth. Long term use of the device will help keep your oral healthy. And more importantly ,developing a good habit of teeth cleaning, such as when you finish eating, gargle in time, don’t forget to brush your teeth at night, don’t eat after brushing teeth.
Q7: How to use it correctly?
A7: Looking in a mirror, apply the metal head to the treating part. Slightly press to remove any dental plaque or tartar. It's recommended to start with the lowest level. High levels are prone to cause gum bleeding when you’re unskilled. For more details,please refer to the instruction manual.
Q8: Does it noisy when using?
A8: When working, it produces a low noise of less than 60dB.

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